Triple Luck

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This is a curious offering from game designer Top Trend, who pride themselves on carrying out their operations in the Asian Style. There is no doubt that Triple Luck is aimed at that market as it is played on a simple 3x1 reel set with just one bet way.

One important aspect of this that may be a surprise to players is that not all the symbols are in view at the end of a spin. This is unusual and may confuse some players who are new to this kind of slot. It means that the reel set can appear to be 3x2 as you can fill six slots with symbols, but winning symbols must appear on the centre line.

The only real feature is the multiplier. They range from one to three and multiply your wager but reward you with double or triple the prize on offer in the bet table.

There are just three basic symbols in the shape of Asian characters in different colours. They are, in order of value, red, blue and green. Combine any of these symbols on a winning line and you will receive a lower prize.

Given that there are no extra symbols, wilds or scatters in Triple Luck, you will need to garner all the luck you can muster in this game, which is why the multipliers are so important in this game.

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1. When the main screen opens, go to the left side of the dashboard.
2. Click on the information button.
3. Here, a new screen opens with a comprehensive listing of the rules of the game.
4. Close this window and return to the main screen.
5. To the right of the information button, you will find the credit adjuster. Simply press the “+” or “-" buttons to change
your wager.
6. To the right again, you can decide on the bet multiplier you wish to apply from 1x, 2x or 3x your wager.
7. On the left of the spin button is the maximum bet button. Note that this only handles the multiplier and not the value of
the coin wager.
8. To the right of the spin button, you can engage auto-play. Here, you can opt for 10, 25, 50 or 100 spins. Note that this
feature cannot be customised to stop on wins or losses and must be manually disengaged.
9. If you wish to adjust the sound, look in the bottom left corner of the dashboard and click the speaker icon to mute.
10. You are all set to go; simply press the spin button.


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