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There are few things more iconic in the US than the diner. The originals in the early 20th century were based in wagons or railway cars, and they often keep this narrow form today. There is generally a long counter on one side and serving booths on the other, and - of course - the menu is full of American classics such as burgers and hotdogs, perhaps with a slice of pie for dessert.

This is certainly what you will find on these reels, along with condiments, a waitress and a chef. It is certainly a retro themed slot, containing everything you need for your lunch (even the card symbols have themed decoration), and it is done with the bold, clean graphics you would expect from this kind of setting. There is even a swinging 50s rock and roll tune. Between spins, the music stops and you can hear the chatter of diners and the occasional clank of cutlery, making for an immersive experience.

1. You probably want to know exactly how this game works and what you can win. You can find this out in detail by
clicking the ‘i’ in the lower left-hand corner under the reels, which will open the paytable.
2. More information about the game rules comes from the menu, which is part of a row of smaller buttons at the very
bottom of the screen. You can also go to both the menu and settings, including full screen and turbo, from the paytable.
3. The bottom row of buttons includes an option to mute the volume and links to your account summary and the
4. Move back up to just under the reels and you will find two adjustors, one for credit value and one for bet multiplier. Your
changed bet, along with your total balance and most recent win, will be displayed at the bottom. Alternately, click ‘bet
max’, but be aware that this will set the reels turning straight away.
5. You will also find an auto spin button attached to the regular spin. You can choose 10, 25, 50 or 100 automatic spins
whereby you don’t have to press anything, or you can set it to stop whenever a feature is triggered. There are no win or
loss limits.
6. Press the small lightning bolt on auto spin to turn turbo spin on and off.
7. Regardless of whether you choose autoplay, you should set a budget and session length before starting. Playing
responsibly is the best way to ensure the game stays fun and establishes good habits, even if playing in demo mode.


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