Happy Happy Penguin

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The game of Happy Happy Penguin has x5 reels and offers an impressive 1,024 ways to win! And gameplay is both straightforward and easy to grasp with no potential complications; after a winning combination appears, the player will be rewarded with a prize and all the winning symbols are subsequently replaced with new ones. Other features include a multiplier, which increases as the wins do.

The game has x10 basic symbols which are a penguin (surprise!), x6 playing cards, a unicorn baby seal (cute), a muskox (we didn’t know what one was either!) and a polar bear.

Not surprisingly, the happy penguin is also the wild symbol and it replaces all missing basic ones as and when required (he really does look over the moon!). Then there are the logo symbols; x3 or more of these icons trigger a mystery prize where a button of your choice unveils a cash prize.

• The wild icon only appears on reels number 2,3 and 4;
• If you are lucky enough to land on x3 - and upwards - of the scatter logos then this activates a mystery win!
• On the left hand side of the screen is the ‘I’ sign, for information; click on this for paytable info and other useful game tips.


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