Golden Claw

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It’s very difficult to find a toy that’s as fun and frustrating (at the same time) as a claw crane. Golden Claw is an online slot game made by Top Trend Gaming inspired by these unique toys. As expected, this slot has cartoonish visuals that include polished 3D-like icons, claws in golden color and animated purple background with many sparkles.

Golden Claw is not a regular slot game. There are no paylines or reels in it. Instead of that, you will find so-called zones where a few toys (stuffed animals, monsters, etc.) are found. There are six zones in total and you can choose the number of zones that you want to use per spin. In order to win this game, you will have to wait for a claw to capture a toy. There are twelve different toys and each of them has a different value. The dragon is the most valuable symbol followed by the chicken. All in all, Golden Claw is a very simple game with a unique concept that many players should find attractive.

Try Golden Claw online for free in demo mode with no download or no registration required.


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