Fortune Frog

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Before we review the game, let’s take a light-hearted look at our froggy friends who enjoy centre stage in slots like this :

• Frogs have 4 digits on their front feet and 5 on their back feet
• Each species of frog has its own unique call
• The common toad lives until it is 10-12 years old
• Frogs swallow their food whole
• A desert frog can go up to 7 years without water
• The poison from the dart frog can kill up to 1,000 people.

Toptrend Gaming’s Fortune Frog has 4 basic symbols, a fairly low number for an online slot of this nature. These are green, red and blue firecrackers and a golden ornament. The pattern of the game is for players to land on any 3 identical icons on any active paylines to be rewarded with a prize. Similarly, any firecracker symbols combo will result in a prize too. The game’s wild symbol is the green coloured frog sitting on a mound of lucky coins, and this is the highest paying icon. The wild acts as a substitute for other missing basic symbols too, with the aim to assist in creating winning combinations. Wild wins are also multiplied.
Free spins

Unfortunately, there are no free spins available as part of Fortune Frog’s gameplay. Indeed, there are limited features available in the game with no jackpot, bonus games or scatters. The wild symbol makes up for this in part and even though you won’t be able to retire from your winnings, you’ll still have a good chuckle - mostly at the frog - and an overall entertaining gaming experience.

1. Payline wins are multiplied by the wager on the individual line
2. Winnings are displayed in credits in the game’s ‘won’ field
3. You can play 9 credits per spin
4. The credit value is the value of a bet on a particular line
5. If you select the credit value button, then the bet multiplier - ranging from 1 up to 10 - this will then come up with the wagered stake amount


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